Friday, 9 April 2010

The Only Way Is Up

It's official. I have run out of room. If I don't do something truly creative soon my Lego collecting may have to come to an end.

The shot below is my "office" (click to enlarge). A last baby bookshelf has been squeezed in to display the latest acquisitions (8087 Tie Defender and 8088 ARC-170 Starfighter) but now there is no more room to house anymore display furniture. You can see my knee at the bottom of the picture. To my back is my PC desk and another wall of (occupied) shelving units.

The Office
The collection has already spread piecemeal to other upstairs rooms but it would be unfair of me to commandeer more space. I confess I'm at a loss as to what to do. I'm selling off a few unwanted sets on eBay but these are only small and have never been displayed anyway (bought as part of a job lot last year).

A loft conversion is one solution I've come up with but there simply ain't enough moolah to accomplish that.

The only workable alternative is to order extra shelves for the existing cases and see if I can squeeze more layers in...


Who'd be a Lego addict?


  1. Hang it all, man!

    Well, okay - just the X-wing, TIE-fighter, Death Star etc.

    Oi mean, ya don't wanna shelve'm if ya can make'm collect dust by dankling'em on invisible freds, now dooyah?

    Still got some left over from me old Airfix daze if that's any'elp :)

  2. Sorry Joe - Blogger seems to have lost your comment (it is possibly suspended by wires above me)! I have considered buying a reel of fishing line but once the models are suspended getting them down to play... er, look at them is a real fag. I kind of like them close at hand and within easy reach!

  3. Oh. And now your comment has reappeared.

    Er. Thank you, Blogger, for listening.

  4. Hi Steve, You might know it already but if not, here it is:
    (free lego club magazine).
    Also, I've got a couple of "old" boxes of Lego that my son doesn't use anymore (not sure if they are complete though). Do you want them? Rather send them to you than give them to Oxfam...Ciao. A.

  5. Lunarossa: ooh! ooh! You've just made my day both with the link and the offer of Lego. Yes, yes, yes on both counts - thank you so much! :-) I'd be very happy to pay for the Lego if you want to name a price? Feel free to email me at silsetto[at]yahoo[dot]co[dot]uk

  6. Legos on their way. May the Force be with the Royal Mail now! Ciao. A.

  7. Lunarossa: thank you so much - that is very kind! I shall reimburse you for the postage. :-)

  8. Absolutely not! If you get them (two parcels) you'll see that they're light and cost very little. You'll buy me a caffelatte in York or in Lemington some time! Ciao. A.

  9. Lunarossa: you're on! Thank you very much once again.

  10. LOL at this. Kind of looks like my salt and pepper shaker collection. No more room left.

    And in response to your other blog-I think you would make lots of money if you sold the lego. *ouch* stop throwing things at me

  11. Susie: you're undoubtedly right. Lego holds its value and sells well on eBay... but I'd be heartbroken to part with any of my collection. It really would be a last resort.