Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Some Like It Hoth

Apologies for the neglect this blog has suffered over the last few months – unfortunately life took over (is that really so unfortunate?) and posting slipped down my list of priorities. I’m please to say though that adding to my Lego collection didn’t and a number of fabulous new sets have found themselves onto my shelves and into my cupboards, further reducing the amount of breathable oxygen my little office / Lego shrine can hold.

One of these new sets was Hoth Wampa Cave 8089. In itself it’s a great little diorama from Empire Strikes Back – the scene where Luke is imprisoned by the ice monster on Hoth and has to use the Force to retrieve his fallen light sabre from the ice – all rendered in Lego.

It was a must buy for me because, as you can see from the photos below, I’ve built up a modest Hoth diorama in the bedroom. Alas, I only have one AT-AT walker (10178) as opposed to 3 but film accuracy comes at a price! However this version of the AT-AT is motorised and does actually walk. The photos also feature the Hoth Rebel Base 7666 set and Echo Base 7749 featuring Han Solo on his Tauntaun.

Hoth diorama
Hoth diorama
Hoth diorama
Anyway, believe it or not, my wife really likes this diorama and has resisted my attempts to re-site it elsewhere in the house.

Some like it Hoth, indeed.